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Janhvi Kapoor
-Gen Z Queen

Janhvi Kapoor, the stunning Gen Z Queen of Bollywood, requires no formal introduction.

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Meet Janhvi Kapoor

Here are some well-known facts about Janhvi Kapoor that you should be aware of. If you’re already familiar with them, you’re ahead of the game. If not, here’s a quick introduction to Janhvi Kapoor. Let’s dive in and get to know the Bollywood sensation, often referred to as the Zen G Queen!

Janhvi Kapoor with her mother Legendary Versatile Actress Sridevi

Janhvi Kapoor comes from a Bollywood background, being the daughter of legendary actress Sridevi and filmmaker Boney Kapoor.

Less Known Fact!

The Social Influencer

Janhvi Kapoor is involved in philanthropy and social initiatives, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Multilingual skills

Hindi, English, and Punjabi Janhvi's Tongue

Janhvi Kapoor is not only a talented actress but also a polyglot. She effortlessly converses in Hindi, English, and Punjabi, which enables her to connect with fans across different regions.

Bollywood Debut of Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor made her Bollywood debut with the film “Dhadak” in 2018 and has gained recognition for her performances in notable films.

Professional Dancer

If you know, you know! Kathak!

Janhvi Kapoor is also a trained Kathak dancer. Through her various performances and movies, she has mesmerized audiences with her graceful moves and ethnic dance style.

Bollywood Life

Janhvi Kapoor’s Rise to Stardom

Discover Janhvi Kapoor’s incredible journey to stardom. Talent, dedication, and industry force — explore Janhvi’s rise.

Janhvi Kapoor made her Bollywood debut in 2018 with “Dhadak,” impressing with her acting prowess. Her versatile performances in films like “Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl” and “Roohi” earned critical acclaim.

  1. Impressive start with “Dhadak.”
  2. Standout roles in “Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl” and “Roohi.”
  3. Recognized with Zee Cine and Lokmat Awards.

Latest News and Updates about Janhvi Kapoor

From Movies to personal life, and it's true!

Stay updated on the latest news and updates about Janhvi Kapoor, covering everything from her films to her personal life!


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